Different Ways to Add an Image – for Google Photos etc.

Via the + Button

Tapping on the + button opens the iOS image picker, which lets you choose images from the Photos app. If you wish to add images that are not in your Photos app, such as pictures from Google Photos, please see the alternatives below.

Adding a Photo via Copy/Paste

  • Open your Photos app (or your other app such as Google Photos)
  • Tap on Select
  • Select multiple photos
  • Tap on the Export button
  • Tap on Copy
  • Return to Print to Size
  • Tap on a blank part of the page
  • Tap on Paste

Adding a Photo using Drag and Drop on iPad

See this page to learn how to use this approach on iPad.

Note: Only iPadOS supports drag & drop across apps, so this method does not work on iPhone and iPod Touch.

What About the Share Sheet?

You may have spotted apps such as your printer manufacturers’ own app in the Share sheet when you export a photo, and you may be disappointed to find that Print to Size is missing. This is due to a technical limitation. To appear in this list, apps need to provide a “Photo Editing App Extension”, which runs the program in a self-contained environment to do immediate work on the photo (edit it, or print it) and then disappears. This doesn’t suit Print to Size as it keeps a document open to let you add more photos before you print.