How to Add Multiple Photos At Once

This issue is resolved with iOS 14 and its new image picker.

But if you are using an older version of iOS, the + button only allows you to select one photo at a time. If you are printing a lot of photos it can be tedious to reopen the image picker multiple times.

However you can add multiple images at once from your Photos app by via copy/paste or, if you are using an iPad, via drag & drop.

Method 1: Copy/Paste

  • Open your Photos app (or your other app such as Google Photos)
  • Tap on Select
  • Select multiple photos
  • Tap on the Export button
  • Tap on Copy
  • Return to Print to Size
  • Tap on a blank part of the page
  • Tap on Paste

Method 2: Drag and Drop on iPad

See this page to learn how to use this approach on iPad.

Note: Because drag & drop across apps is an iPadOS-only feature, this method does not work on iPhone and iPod Touch.