Paper Size Not Available, Printing Cancelled


Please install update 1.9.3 if you are experiencing this issue on iOS 16. This update should resolve the problem for most users.

Large format paper (A3 etc)?

Recent iOS updates appear to have removed support for printing on large paper sizes via AirPrint for some printer models. This does not affect only this app as it’s a change in iOS, unfortunately. You can verify this by trying to select your large paper size when printing directly from the Photos app, as you should see the same issue there. I am sorry about this and hope that Apple will fix this soon. Please contact me for more information as it is helpful to me to know how many people are affected. Seb


If the above doesn’t apply to you, here are some suggestions:

  • Try emptying/reloading your paper tray
  • Try turning the printer off and on
  • Try restarting the iPhone/iPad.
  • If none of the above solves this problem, try deleting Print to Size and re-installing it from the App Store. Some people have reported that doing so has made the issue go away for them.

As a workaround you can print outside the app. And as with any app that is not performing as expected you are entitled to a refund for your purchase of the app