Frequently Asked Questions

How do I crop?

Select your image, then drag one of the blue triangles in the middle of either side of the image. These triangles aren’t displayed if the image is very small, so you may need to zoom in (pinch the screen) to reveal them. Once you have a rectangle of the size you want, tap on the image to open the menu and choose Crop. This lets you position the image inside the rectangle. Drag, or pinch oe move the yellow dots until you are happy with your crop.

I can’t connect to my printer

The app uses AirPrint, the built-in printing system used by iOS. To successfully use AirPrint your printer needs to be AirPrint compatible (tap here for the list of AirPrint printers). If you have just turned on your printer, it can take up a minute before it becomes visible to your iPhone/iPad. In some cases it helps to restart your wifi router, your printer, and you iOS device.

For more advice from Apple, tap here

Can I save my page?

Yes! To do this, tap the Print icon then the Save For Later button. This lets you save a file to iCloud or anywhere. When you want to reopen it, simply open this file and choose to open it in Print To Size.

Any feedback?

I hope that you are finding the app useful and intuitive. If not, or if you are having any difficulties, please tell me about it!

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