How to Use the App

Are you having trouble using the app? Here is how you can print a few photos on a page:

Check the paper size

  • Check that the paper size you see is the one you intend to print on, such as A4 or Letter. If not, use the cogwheel at the bottom left to select the correct paper size.

Add a photo

  • Tap + and choose your first photo.
  • Resize it. The blue dots in the corners resize proportionally (both width and height). The blue triangles only move one edge (changing either the width or the height).
  • To adjust how the photo fits inside its boundaries, tap on the image and select Crop. Pinch and pan, or drag one of the yellow dots.
  • Drag to place your photo where you want it.
  • If needed you can rotate or flip it: tap on it, and in the pop-up menu choose the relevant button.

Add more if needed

  • Repeat the above for the next photos.


If you make a mistake at any step, use the Undo and Redo buttons in the bottom toolbar.

  • Tap the Printer icon, select your printer options, then print.
  • Alternatively you can export a PDF or an image.

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